Travel Tips

PAIR – Planning  – Anticipating – Indulging  – Reminiscing


Part of the fun of a holiday is in the planning though there are a lot to consider

When to go where – apart from the constrain of commitments, the timing of trip is crucial. Some years ago I booked a trip in June to visit Salzburg for my partner’s birthday. It seemed a safe bet as the weather is generally very pleasant in Europe that time of the year. Had I done my research better I would have found out that June is the wettest month in Salzburg! We still had a great time, but I would have loved more blue sky on my photos! The point is, research is vital to an enjoyable trip

Who to go with – after deciding where I want to go,  I start thinking of the most compatible travel mate for the trip. There’s no point even treating someone to a free holiday if they are less than enthusiastic; they will make you feel they are doing you a favour by coming along. Fortunately I have different travel companions for different type of destinations.
In my experience twosome works best. Four people work too, as they can be split into 2 couples. 3 couples make transportation a little tricky but not impossible. However the more people there are in a party, the more difficult it is to agree on where to go, where to eat etc. Ultimately there could be one compromise too many to ruin not just the holiday but the friendship too.


With a like-minded travel companion it is fun researching and drawing up an agenda for the trip together and then look forward to it



I hardly visit a place twice (except for visiting friends and family) on the basis that there are so many wonderful places in the world to explore. So once I arrive at a chosen destination, I make sure that I do all the must-do things on my list and indulge myself. It is far better to stay one or two days fewer and have a great time than to have to watch every penny staying longer



My enjoyment of a holiday does not end with it. In fact the fun starts when I review the photos that I have taken. I love taking photos of landscapes. Since 2012 I have had an annual photobook made using my best photos from each location, including just one of myself on the last 2 pages just to show I was actually there! By the time all the photos are sorted, it’s time for the next trip!!